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“game” experiences

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Here’s my first attempt at writing about “game” experiences:

This girl walked out of the same bar as me on Saturday night. I heard her
asking the bouncer where she could flag a cab. He pointed her in the same
direction as I was walking. She tried to get one that was going in the
opposite direction. Observationally, I told her that cabs generally won’t
stop if they’re not on the same side of the street. I sensed an accent so
my transition was,”Where’s the accent from?” She was from England and
then I asked about her thoughts on Kate and William. Surprisingly, she
said she could care less about the Royal Family-a sentiment shared by
many in her home country…..this is where I got stuck and didn’t get any
commonalities. Keep in mind this was pretty rushed as this happened ina
span on half of a block. Knowing she was rushing to find a cab, I’m not
sure what I shouldve done. Should I have just asked her what her
hobbies/interests are? Or more for the direct close (like her look)?

LA John

1 Answers

  1. The Asian PUA on Oct 23, 2011 Reply

    Good observational opener. Also added value by tell her cab thing. Thumbs

    Build rapport by agreeing with her. “I see what you mean. Tabloids make a
    big deal here about Obama and what he wears on vacation. Lame.”

    And even if you don’t agree deep down, don’t lie and agree. But you can
    always see something positive about any situation. Cup can either be half
    full or empty. Building rapport is skill of siding with the other person
    on their view of the cup.

    Be a gentleman and cross the street and flag down a cab for/with her.
    Justify – I do it all the time so don’t have to drive home drunk. Also do
    it for all my friends. Never let any of my friends drive home drunk or
    wait alone for a cab because it could be dangerous at night.

    That should buy you an extra few minutes to find justification to number
    close – that’s level 1. If can’t find justification, then go for party
    close – “You seem like a cool person. Fun. Not into hype of celebrity
    crap. Chill. My friends and I party all the time. Come out and join us
    next time. I’ll send you an invite next time we’re out. What’s the best
    way to send you the details?” and whip out phone. Or hail mary “You seem
    like a cool fun person, not like other people. Let’s continue the
    conversation some time. What’s the best way to keep in touch?” (but you
    only do that if you know there’s attraction like camera picture girl.)

    Level 2 is going on instant date. “I’m going to get some food right now.
    Come join me. Let’s go!”

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