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How should I respond to this?

Awww.... So sorry to hear that babe! :*( Let me know if there is anything I can help with, even if it's just someone to chat to. My friend's refer to me as the rock they always lean on :)

Answered by: The Asian PUA 2593 views

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What is the main benefit of preselection of her friends again?

If her roommies find you desirable and you're not trying to hit on them, she'll find you more desirable. And if you can get them committed to attending one of your social events, it's additional press...

Answered by: The Asian PUA 3169 views

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How should I respond?

Respond honestly. Something like - "Hey (name)! It's Paul! :) we met at x. It was such a crazy night!! :D partied like animals and I remember you being cool and down-to-earth so i put you in my phone....

Answered by: The Asian PUA 2152 views

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“game” experiences

Good observational opener. Also added value by tell her cab thing. Thumbs up. Build rapport by agreeing with her. "I see what you mean. Tabloids make a big deal here about Obama and what he wears...

Answered by: The Asian PUA 3198 views