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What is the main benefit of preselection of her friends again?

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I’m actually picking up this girl from LAX on Monday afternoon. She told me she was in Chicago visiting her family yesterday and would be back Monday. I asked her if she needed a ride. She said “yes”. I told her I’d pick her up IF she buys dinner for US. She agreed!!! I chose this Mexican restaurant RIGHT NEXT TO HER HOUSE!!! I’ve been to her place before and gotta get her comfy enough with me so I could “get it in”!!! It’ll be our second time meeting. I got her to “invest” like you suggested back in Feb by buying me food…ill give u an update as things develop also…she’s the one with FIVE other roommates!!! what would be the main benefit of preselection of her friends again?

LA John

1 Answers

  1. The Asian PUA on Oct 23, 2011 Reply

    If her roommies find you desirable and you’re not trying to hit on them, she’ll find you more desirable. And if you can get them committed to attending one of your social events, it’s additional pressure for her to come. And then you’ll have preselection of 6 chicks at the venue and it’ll be a piece of cake to pick up more chicks there :P

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